About Us

Who are we?

Company Câmpul Speranţei LTD was established in 1994 with German capital, the single associate and administrator being a German citizen with a 20-year experience in consultancy and human resources development. Through training and guiding the beneficiaries in certain projects and diverse activities, we realized an efficient integration for them in the workforce market in Romania and also abroad, in the European Union.

German-English Perfectioning Centre
Juridical person – Romanian, German capital
Foundation date/No : nov 1994 Constanta, Alba, J 01/187/1996
CUI- 6919020 , Caen Code 8559 – other ways of education
Headquarters : Geoagiul de Sus, No. 27,. Alba
Accredited by MMSSF and MEC; Te.Germany: 0049 1759 7359 95
Tel.Rum.: 0040 740 360 806 ;http//. www.csk.ro
Manager/Administrator : Dr. Susana Kulik

Basic activity types:

  1. Other forms of education according to CAEN code 8559
  2. Economical, juridical consultancy
  3. Intensive foreign language classes: German, English, French ,Italien,Spanish
  4. Company intermediation (based on a contract) in the European Union
  5. Environment assessor classes and audit, in collaboration with the Ecological University of Bucharest

The company is specialized in teaching foreign languages, its beneficiaries being national and multinational companies, schools, institutions, and other interested persons. The number of students who beneficiated from our modern languages classes (German, English, Spanish, Italian), starting from 1999 until now, amounts to approximately 1500 people.

The intensive training courses are common components of other qualification courses and accompany the training and flexibility level of the workforce in the European Union.